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This bit of the site is a complete rag-bag of stuff I've collected over the years, from resources I've created entirely from scratch, to things cribbed and pasted together from elsewhere, to links to sites with interesting resources that I could never hope to duplicate (nor would I for reasons of time, copyright and space!).

My own material

My comments on the recent book The keys to Avalon: the true location of Arthurís kingdom revealed by Steve Blake and Scott Lloyd (Element Press, 2000) can be found here.

An attempt to create a master list of all known Roman Emperors, including usurpers and the areas of their power.

The Governors of Roman Britain, down to the beginning of the third century.

English monarchs since the accession of Ecgberht of Wessex in 801.

Roman consuls from 509 BC to the abolition of the consulate in AD 541.

Popes (or Bishops of Rome, depending on date and/or religious beliefs)

Archbishops of Canterbury

Other resources will be coming on line eventually!

Links to other peopleís resources

Coming soon (I hope!)

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