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History | Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews

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“What would you do if there were no God? Would you commit robbery, rape, and murder, or would you continue being a good and moral person? Either way the question is a debate stopper. If the answer is that you would soon turn to robbery, rape, or murder, then this is a moral indictment of your character, indicating you are not to be trusted because if, for any reason, you were to turn away from your belief in God, your true immoral nature would emerge. If the answer is that you would continue being good and moral, then apparently you can be good without God.”
by Michael Shermer


Okay, I know I’m an archaeologist, but surely I can indulge myself in a bit of history occasionally…

My big thing is the so-called Dark Ages of Britain, the period from the abandonment of Britain by the Roman government early in the fifth century to the consolidation of the kingdoms of England and Scotland in the ninth and tenth centuries. I object to the term ‘Dark Ages’, but it’s difficult to think of a better phrase to sum up this difficult period. ‘Early medieval’ is the continental term but in Britain, we tend to use it to mean 1066-1200 (or thereabouts); ‘Sub-Roman’ effectively excludes the English, Picts and Scots, and only applies to the fifth and sixth centuries anyway; ‘Anglo-Saxon’ excludes the Welsh, Picts and Scots… I’m at a loss to find a decent term.

So, with that proviso, these links take you into my pages on the ‘Dark Ages’

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